Life in Ashland

Life in Ashland

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why We Shoot

…is the title of photographer and fellow blogger Michael Gatton's most recent posting and a musing many photographers engage in from time to time I'm sure.  Another blogger, Bill Welham, weighed in on Michael's rumination with a comment that echos my own thoughts on the subject.  He states he's interested in  "…capturing images of the society around me…I want to preserve images that one day (maybe fifty years) people will have something to look at."

That certainly rings true for me and in large part is what motivates me to take my camera out into the world.  However, from time to time, other matters in life take precedence or my enthusiasm for the endeavor flags.

Then I encounter subjects like these - a local couple toting their twin toddlers - and again I'm reminded why I shoot...