Life in Ashland

Life in Ashland

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poetry Store

Tara Borgilt, a recent graduate of Ashland High, sets up her "Poetry Store" at the Tuesday Growers' Market, where she offers output of her creative genius in the form of poems crafted & typed on demand.  I requested one, "on the subject of being photographed".  This is the poem, simply called, "Picture".

To be snapped with the frame of time,
a moment's surrender to fluidity,
and i find myself a victim of solidarity.

How the elbows and the knees,
in permanent crease, find their
grace and make their peace with

To be a picture after once a multidimensional
body of potential- it is reassuring to
not worry about blurring my edges,
Here, caught clear and bold in an
instant's generosity.